Infertility Recovery

Coming back to yourself after infertility is a recovery process.  


defining recovery:

  • Recovery is regaining health and normalcy after difficulty.  Restoring yourself to a the same (or better) condition than before. 

  • Recovery is reclaiming something stolen or lost.  Many of us are recovering our strength, power ,self-trust, belief in magic, or hope.


When I decided to stop trying to get pregnant there were even less folks to turn to to sort through things.  Every resource and group I found was all about me getting pregnant- never moving on from the process.   

And if I found anything about moving on it was all about adoption, like now parenthood was the definition of success for my future.  I wasn't sure if that was the best next step for me.  I wanted to talk about it with other women like me- but I didn't know how to find us

And even if I did choose parenthood I knew I didn't want to project all the pain of infertility on my child.  Having them in my life wouldn't resolve the trauma and disconnect I felt in my body, the loss of hope and inspiration in my heart, or the distrust I felt for my own intuitive spirit.  

I wanted something more and I used my training to build a specific skillset to work on these pain points.  And I wanted a community of badass women to go through it with me.  



This group is for you if:

  • You're considering stopping trying- like for realnot being a parent at all
  • You aren't sure why you kept trying
  • You're getting off the infertility roller coaster
  • You want to create an alternative path to healing for yourself and your family
  • Infertility has you're feeling tired, overwhelmed, confused and/or lonely and want to reclaim your strength
  • You believe in the power of sisterhood
  • You're ready to embody your full power and spirit again

If you're not sure which group is for you, set up a call with me I'm happy to help you decide the right fit. 




Our recovery group meets every other week for 75-90 minutes.  One group meets in-person in Portland, OR the other meets online.   Women in the group have loved the warmth and community that forms over time.  

Between meetings you'll have the option to join me for office hour calls where you can drop in with a question for the group or for me.  These calls will help you sustain your path with strength and self-compassion as you move forward.  

I also work 1:1 with a small number of women who want additional help reclaiming their brilliance after and during infertility.   We meet every other week 1:1 for about an hour.   If 1:1 support is more your thing click here.

All of my coaching clients have access to weekly office hours calls and recordings to gather together and get your questions answered between sessions.  It's a great way to connect with other in similar situations and to supplement the work you're doing on your own.

If you're not sure which group is for you, set up a call with me I'm happy to help you decide the right fit. 


recovery GROUP GOALS

I want women to reclaim the power we lose in the infertility process, heal trust with our bodies, reconnect with hope, and find community of other badass women who happen to be infertile.

Reclaiming personal power

Reconnecting with our bodies

Learning to trust faith and intuition

Building badass community

Personal resilience and strength




Each season is a 3-month commitment.  A minimum of three months is needed to enact lasting change.  Many group members stay for years to continue their evolution.

Not only will there be a time commitment for our meetings and gatherings, but to get the most out of our time together you will want to set aside creative time daily (30 minutes minimum).  Take a look at your schedule and make space for change. 


You'll be billed $99/monthly.  The group costs include the beautiful space, powerful facilitators and teachers, ongoing coaching, delicious organic snacks, curriculum and art materials. 


Your growth is dependent on your commitment.  We gather monthly in-person (and virtually) and weekly for calls, but continuing your work is up to you and your schedule.  Are you ready for change?  Then plan to invest some energy.


We're all about wholehearted wellness

We ask before offering suggestions

We see asking for help as courageous

We respect and make room for each other's different processes, goals, and stories

Instead of comparing pain we connect through it

We focus on the light in balance with the darkness

We believe in the power of sisterhood, creativity, and the divine feminine


If you have any questions about our group values and commitments send them my wayI'm happy to chat.