How infertile goddess came to be

the goddess embodied

When I started trying to get pregnant I believed I was the goddess embodied.  

I walked through my home head high naming myself "the sacred vessel."  Every month I felt proud to join lineage of power and sacred sisterhood.  I was born to do this divine act of creation. 

I couldn't wait to begin.  

over time I stopped believing in magic 

As my infertility journey drew out I struggled to find hope, to recover from losses, to explain why this curse had fallen upon me.  I felt alone, depressed, and completely detached from this very spiritual purpose I thought I was meant to fulfill.  

I sought out spiritual community that could hold pain and hope.  I longed for a goddess to worship, a prayer to recite, a mantra for peace- but I couldn't find them.

I stopped honoring my intuition.

the truth about body betrayal

The body I had once trusted to run marathons and climb mountains began to mislead me with hints and betray me with mistaken hope.   

Just like any other relationship- ongoing betrayal leads to distrust.  But we lose power when we lose trust with our bodies.  

I felt completely alone

I lost community with other women as they moved on to a special mom club I would never be able to join.  Nobody understood what I was feeling- not even my partner. 

So I looked for community in support groups and online forums but always left feeling they fueled negativity, bitterness, envy, and depression.  I wanted to find inspiration, hope, and encouragement for my whole self (not just my reproductive capabilities).  

I got really sick of being defined by my unexplainable infertility.  Everything seemed to feel my hopelessness.

... Time to create something else

In that place of darkness, I focused all my therapist and coaching training and experience on my infertility recovery.  I put together every tool I found (and researched more) to pull myself out of the pit.  It took a while, but with some trial and error I built a toolbox that worked.  

Let me be clear, I'm not saying it "worked" meaning I got miraculously pregnant.  Because it worked in that I stopped defining my success and my worth on pregnancy. 

And I am not saying it "worked" because I never get sad.  But it worked in that the sadness doesn't own me anymore.  When sadness visits I find peace more easily and I am happy and hopeful in a much more embodied way.  

It worked because it helped me trust my body again.  It helped me practice self-compassion and self-care for me, not just for a baby.  And it helped because I formed a community of badass women who have my back no matter my status as a parent.

The goddess is alive in you.   Let me help you reclaim her.

infertility coach | infertility recovery | fertility struggle | infertility resilience

Infertile Goddess Values

Your fertility doesn't define you.

You were brought to this earth to create something beautiful.

There is magic inside you.

Reclaiming our power is tied to reclaiming our bodies.

Healing can't be complete alone. 


infertility coach | infertility recovery | fertility struggle | infertility resilience

Infertile Goddess Founder

As a professionally-trained coach and therapist, I've helped hundreds of women learn to trust their bodies, reclaim their power, find hope, and build supportive community. 

I combined my work in coaching and counseling with my training in spirituality, studies of positive psychology, and resilience to create a curriculum for women in the middle of their infertility journey and those recovering after infertility.  Though I am no longer practicing as a mental health therapist, I draw both from my academic training and my personal experience with infertility.  

This is the foundation for individual and group coaching programs and my workshops and retreats.  I've been honored to witness powerful transformations among women in each of my programs.  I'd be honored to support you in making intentional soul-centered change in your life as well.  

Unlike other coaches, I earned master’s degrees in both counseling and education and am working on my PhD.  You can read more about my academic training here.

In my free time I'm a serious gardener, I listen to NPR, and practice yoga and hand lettering.  I love my dog and traveling the world with my partner, Rae.